Artificial Intelligence World Series. Starts March 10 - May 12, 2022

​​This highly important world series comes with a Non Fungible Certificate (NFC) issuance, " a historical blockchain 1st " for full attendance to 10 Weekly Episode Interview Sessions with leading AI Expert Dr Jacques Ludick. Don't Miss This!

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​​Learn about the deep mind of AI. The ' WHY ' and how to strategically implement it for business, ethical surveillance and data science. Attend virtually worldwide on any device, or in-person from our Cape Town BiCstreet studio

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​​AI World Series - Learn and Engage

​​AI World Series helps corporates, organizations, governments, startups and skilled professionals, unlock the value and deep science of AI for departments, projects & careers. Our BlockchainValley Sponsor will invite you to claim 10 free 4IR Tokens for full attendance

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A Non Fungible Certificate (NFC) will be issued for free to all attendees who complete attendance of the 10 weekly AI World Series. NFC's will be issued on the Blockchain within 3 months after the series. Our BlockchainValley Sponsor will also invite each attendee who completes 10 weekly attendance to claim ' 10 ' 4IR Tokens. Learn what 4IR is all about at

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